End of the road for Brechin’s River Danube motorcyclist

The Danube at the Delta.
The Danube at the Delta.

Brechin motorcyclist Stewart Mowat has returned from his adventure along the Danube River - much earlier than originally planned.

Fear not, however, no problems were encountered, Stewart just decided to alter his route.

Having set off on his journey on May 1, he had expected his journey to last around two months, however, having reached his goal of travelling the length of the Danube he headed for home, arriving back in Brechin at the end of May.

As luck would have it arriving home early meant that he avoided being caught up in the recent flooding that has hit the Danube and central Europe.

Detailing some of the people and events he encountered on the later part of his trip, Stewart said: “I had stopped at the services and ended up speaking with a charming gentleman and his wife at the next table.

“During a long conversation with them, I discovered that Dr Schwarzinger was the Austrian Ambassador to Romania and Moldova who gave me his business card and assured me that he would give any help he could provide if I should need it. A real ambassador indeed.”

This was not the only unusual event that Stewart encountered on his journey.

“During my stay in Zimnicea, I did experience one strange occurrence,” he said.

“In the early evening, a bright yellow biplane flew very low over the buildings in the town.

“I reckon we were buzzed at about 50 feet. I thought it was a strange one-off but the flights continued at 10 to 15 minute intervals for over an hour.

“When I asked the hotel receptionist later what this was all about, she nonchalantly informed me that it would be spraying anti-mosquito chemicals. I thought what Health and Safety and the air safety authorities would make of it in the UK!”

Stewart reached the end of his journey in Tulcea, which saw him travelling across roads of variable conditions.

Throughout the course of his journey Stewart met a number of Scottish travellers.

This included meeting a young couple, John and Ruth, and their baby Elsa at a camp site in Krems, Austria. It soon transpired that John had been raised in Glamis.

Although Stewart’s trip could have been extended by travelling across more countries he decided he would not miss out if he didn’t visit them.

“My final mileage was 4,428 miles,” he explained.

“Trips to Sofia and Bucharest would have increased that total and given me another week in Bulgaria/Romania but I decided in the end that, as they did not lie on the Danube I would miss them out.”