Engineering firm’s plans move to Brechin Business Park

Fabrication company Thrums Engineering Services Limited have been granted conditional planning permission for the erection of a workshop and offices in Brechin.

The development will be on Plot 8c at the Brechin Business Park and should see the creation of at least two to three jobs.

Thrums Engineering Services Limited, who currently have a workshop at Kirriemuir, had been looking to move to Brechin since 2008 have been approved conditional planning permission for a 600 square metre site for their engineering and fabrication business.

Before work can begin the company ensure that they submit and have approved details of a scheme of hard and soft landscaping as well as plans to show existing and proposed ground levels and proposed floor levels and to have a scheme for the disposal of all surface water from building and hard standings to a sustainable Urban Drainage System.

The site which is located at the end of Spur Road is bound by an existing industrial unit to the north and other employment land to the west and south.

The building is 11.3 metres in height and the materials consist of a dark blue composite panel box profile metal roof and wall cladding.

John Ogston who owns Thrums engineering said: “I am going to keep Kirriemuir workshop on as well but will be moving most of it up to Brechin.

“There will definitely be new job created but at the moment I am not sure just how many there will be. There will be another two or three at least by the time I get to Brechin.

“I have a few things that I need to tie up with the Council just now with the planning, this involves planting trees and things like that and once that is all through I hope to be digging at the site and to start building in the next two to three months.

“We do a lot of work with oil and gas in Aberdeen so Brechin is good site for us.

“The site in Kirriemuir is not big enough for us any more so decided to move to Brechin because the site was affordable for us and gave us the size of premises that we needed.

“At the moment business for us is busy so it will be good for us to get up to Brechin in a custom built shop which will let us get on better.”

Thrums Engineering Services, a family run business, started in 1993 and has grown considerably considerably in both the oil and gas industrial sectors.

Angus Councillor Bob Myles welcomed the move seeing it as a positive step for Brechin and the Brechin Business Park.

He said: “A business working and operating in Brechin is bound to help the town.

“We have been looking to get this business park occupied for a while. There have been a lot of stop starts on it. People have been going for site but have not proceeded with some of the opportunities they could have so it is nice to see a business moving in.

“It is definitely good news, I do not know how many people they will be employing there but there will be employment.

“Working in the business park they will always need facilities and services so there is a good spin off from that.”