Environment Minister visits Brechin’s flood victims

River Street ended up under water after the River South Esk burst its banks.
River Street ended up under water after the River South Esk burst its banks.

Brechin residents and workers who were worst affected by recent flooding were visited by Environment Minister Paul Wheelhouse on Christmas Eve.

As well as visiting Brechin the Minister also toured the centre of Stonehaven.

Speaking after the visit Mr Wheelhouse said: “Today I met with local residents and council representatives at Stonehaven and Brechin – two of the worst affected areas – to see the damage that has been caused and the challenges they face as the clean-up operation continues.”

After days of heavy rain the River South Esk burst its banks leaving much of River Street underwater.

During the worst of the flooding on Sunday, December 23, Angus Council set up a rest centre at Brechin High School for all affected residents.

And it was not just River Street residents who had problems with flood water. Those living in Brechin’s Drumachlie Road were also badly hit by the wet weather, with flood water forcing the closure of the A935, Brechin to Montrose Road.

Inchbare and Edzell residents also battled with floods as the River South Esk overflowed in those areas.

Parkview Bowling Club was also hit by flooding, with the bowling green completely submerged under water.

To ensure that people could travel home for Christmas the Scottish Government worked closely with Transport Scotland, local authorities, the emergency services, power companies and bodies such as Scottish Water to manage the impact on Scotland’s transport network and infrastructure and to ensure the clean-up operation is progressed as quickly as possible.

This was the second time this year residents of River Street have had to deal with flood water following the River South Esk bursting its banks in October.