Angus residents encouraged to walk on the wild side

Local residents as well as visitors to Angus and Dundee are being encouraged to make the most of wildlife opportunities in the area and beyond, as part of a major UK marketing campaign launched by VisitScotland and Scottish Natural Heritage, to celebrate the Year of Natural Scotland 2013.

VisitScotland and Scottish Natural Heritage have selected five of Scotland’s iconic indigenous species for the UK marketing campaign which will focus on Red Deer, Golden Eagle, Harbour Seal, Otter and Red Squirrels.

The campaign activity will include a national radio promotion, outdoor poster campaign in Scottish and Northern English cities, print media advertising and online activity over the coming months.

The joint initiative aims to inspire people to get and out and about and also visit a dedicated website which contains information about where to see the Big 5 in Scotland.

The campaign also highlights local wildlife opportunities and offers the chance to enter a competition to win a trip to see the Big 5 in their natural habitats around the country.

Scottish Natural Heritage wants as many people as possible to try and spot all of the Big 5 during Year of Natural Scotland and to share their experiences through social media.

The Big 5 are indigenous and iconic to Scotland, and while spotting may take some planning and patience, it can be achieved by almost anyone with an enthusiasm for Scotland’s great outdoors.

The country’s network of national nature reserves is a very good starting point for a Big 5 encounter, with some offering sightings of up to four of the five species, and at least one offering all five.