Bog squad formed to protect wildlife habitats

sabr large heath butterfly
sabr large heath butterfly

A ‘bog squad’ has been formed in a bid to protect and save Scotland’s peat bogs.

A spokesman for Butterfly Conservation Scotland said that the group had been launched to carry out work on the country’s ‘precious wildlife habitats.’

A spokesman for the charity said that the bog squad was a team of volunteers who would carry out rehabilitation work on damaged peat bogs across the Scottish Central belt with funding from Scottish Natural Heritage’s Peatland Action project.

“Scottish peat bogs are key wildlife habitats providing homes for bog specialists such as the Large Heath and other rare butterflies. Many Scottish bogs are in a poor state after being planted with alien conifers, damaged by drainage, used as dumps and stripped for garden use,” she said.

“They are increasingly valued for their biodiversity and the ecosystem services they provide, such as flood prevention and carbon storage. Most of Scotland’s lowland bogs are in the Central Belt, Aberdeenshire and Dumfries and Galloway.

The squad will be launched by Aileen Campbell MSP on April 27 at Langlands Moss Nature Reserve, East Kilbride.