Concerns over new food waste bin

Concerns over the hygiene of the new food waste bins have been raised by one resident after the contents of a bin was spilled across the street.

The resident,who wished not be named, took pictured of the mess on Market Street, branding the situation “disgusting.”

A second picture showed the pavement obstructed by the grey recycling bins, which aren’t due to be emptied until this week.

They said: “It’s a health hazard as well as blocking the pavement to disabled and buggies.”

They added: “I don’t think there’s been a very good job made of educating people about what goes in to each bin.”

The mess, which was first noticed on Thursday morning, was reported to Angus Council’s Access Office, but by 5 p.m. the same day, no action had been taken to remove the debris.

Concerns over the food waste bin have been voiced by many residents on the Brechin Advertiser Facebook page.

Kirsty Bisset said: “Food bins are just disgusting and as others have said attract flies and vermin.

“The bins out on the street however are a real pain! Trying to get buggy past them all on the street is a nightmare, also think wheelchair users would have the same problem.

“Between cars parked on pavements, road works everywhere and now the bins all on the street it’s a hassle getting anywhere with a buggy!

Linda Strachan said: “The brown food bins are kept outside. I think to have it in your kitchen is disgusting,and my dog is constantly trying to get at the bins. I’m dreading the summer with the flies and the smell.”

An Angus Council spokesperson confirmed that they had received a call alerting them to the issue and the waste team cleared the mess the following day. They continued: “We would ask anyone with any issues to contact the council’s ACCESSLINE on 08452 777 778.”