Encouraging recycling

Each Angus resident accumulates three new electrical items each year on average, but only one in five of those items will be recycled.

As part of national recycling week, Angus Council aimed to cut down on this waste and encourage local people to recycle their WEEE – waste electrical or electronic equipment.

WEEE items such as kettles, toasters, hairdryers and games consoles, can be taken to any council recycling centre.

The council has joined forces with Repic established by leading producers of electrical and electronic equipment such as Panasonic, Bosch and Indesit, to deal with discarded electrical products.

Each year Repic finances the recycling of around 50% of all the UK’s electrical and electronic equipment, meaning there is no cost to the council for handling such items.

A representative from Repic joined Angus Council officers at recycling centres during recycling week to promote this scheme and advise householders on what electrical goods can be recycled and what happens to these goods.

Donald Morrison, convener of neighbourhood services said: “Across the country, 173 million new electrical items are bought each year, but are discarded once they are broken or unwanted.

“That’s a lot of waste and I would urge Angus residents to dig deep into their lofts, cupboards and basements for all those unwanted and broken small electrical items and recycle them.”