Eurowind aiming to bring long term economic benefit to Angus

Eurowind, the company behind the proposed Nathro Hill Wind Farm, is taking forward key discussions around how the development could improve the local economy.

The company is interested in not just benefitting the area during the immediate construction phase, but over the lifetime of the project and beyond - thus providing a lasting legacy for Angus and the north east of Scotland.

If consented, the 61MW Nathro Hill Wind Farm will ring fence £213,500 per annum (£3,500 p/MW per annum- index linked) for a community benefit dividend.

As part of the community consultation on the wind farm strong ideas around how this could be invested in the community emerged from local residents – including speeding up Internet access, upgrading roads and community facilities and improving the local economy.

In response to these local needs, Eurowind is looking closely into how the proposed wind farm could contribute to improved broadband provision, especially across the areas closest to the proposed Nathro Hill Wind Farm.

Eurowind is also participating in round table discussions with Angus College, the Economic Development team within Angus Council and other energy businesses and developers regarding the development of an ‘Energy Hub’ at Angus College.

These discussions are at an early stage but the over arching intention is to create new opportunities for training and skill development.

The intention is to enable Angus residents to access jobs in the energy industry on the back of this.

Ian Lindsay, director of Eurowind in the UK said: “We are certain that Nathro Hill Wind Farm would bring many direct economic benefits to Angus, from permanent jobs to use of local services and businesses during construction, but we want the economic impact to go far deeper and provide a lasting legacy for Angus that will be felt by communities across the county.

“The window to train local people in the skills needed for the low carbon economy of the future is open- but for how long?

“This is a real opportunity to make a commercial scale wind farm work harder for the economy of Angus, an opportunity often overlooked in other areas of Scotland.”