Group tackle clean up along Brechin nature trails and the public park

Pictured are the ladies from the clean up
Pictured are the ladies from the clean up

A group of local people got together on Saturday in an effort to help tackle the mess in Brechin’s public park and nature trails.

The idea for the clean-up operations came from a community council meeting in the town, where Mandy Mackie, who works with Brechin’s rugby club, and Councillor Mairi Evans set out to arrange the clean-up.

The clean-up took place on Saturday (June 22) and with four people out tackling the rubbish.

To help raise numbers for it, organisers behind the initiative got in touch with Carrie Milne, who works at the Scottish Hydro shop in Montrose.

The Hydro have a volunteer scheme with their staff, called Community at Heart.

Although the numbers were low, the organisers felt it was better to continue with fewer numbers than cancel the clean-up altogether.

Speaking about the event, Carrie said: “The park and nature trail have become victims of litter bugs and dog fouling and as a proud resident of Brechin with young children who play in the park, it was important for me to get involved in the clean-up and help make a difference to the area. I really enjoyed the day.”

A spokesperson for the group added: “There were four of us out today and within an hour we managed to cover the public park area and the nature trail.

“We are really keen to do this again soon because we know there are plenty of areas around Brechin that could do with some attention.”

The group are hoping to organise another clean up operation on July 6, with the aim of holding an event afterwards to thank the people who participate.

At the next clean-up day, Angus Council’s parks department will be dropping off picnic tables and benches for the park.

There will also be a dedication ceremony for a bench that will be placed in memory of Davina Mackie, who sadly passed away last year.