Irish energy deal shows way ahead

The signing of a cross-border energy agreement has shown the potential for growing the renewable energy industries in Angus and Scotland as a whole. It has also exposed scaremongering by anti-independence politicians over the future of our renewables industry.

The UK and Irish Governments have signed a memorandum of understanding signalling their intention to work closely together on growing the trade in renewable energy between the two countries.

These moves to build up and support a shared energy market between the UK and Ireland expose as mere scaremongering claims by anti-independence politicians that such a trade would be lost to an independent Scotland.

With Scotland already exporting significant amounts of energy to other parts of the UK, the confirmation that such exports will continue in an independent Scotland is a significant boost to the economic case for a Yes vote in next year’s referendum.

Commenting, SNP Energy Spokesperson Angus MP Mike Weir said: “The Renewables industry has the potential to give a huge economic boost to Angus with the development of offshore wind farms to produce clean, green energy far into the future. The announcement of the decarbonisation target by the Scottish Government underlines our determination to take forward this important industry.”

“The agreement with the Irish Republic is a positive development that underlines what can be achieved by neighbouring countries working together.

“With Ireland signing a memorandum of understanding to export green energy to the UK, it shows that cooperation between countries to meet their energy needs is both normal and desirable.

“The frankly bizarre suggestions to the contrary that anti-independence politicians have at times indulged in have been blown out of the water with this agreement.

“The future of renewable energy is clearly best served by continuing cooperation and the signing of this memorandum is a welcome recognition of that fact from both the UK and Irish Governments.

“Scotland is already in the position of exporting a significant amount of energy to our neighbours and this role will only continue to grow and develop with the powers of an independent Scotland.

“The deal with Ireland shows what can be done and the possible future development of a North Sea energy grid could have a profound impact on Angus and our ability to create new jobs and industry through the development renewable energy.

“With so much of Europe’s renewable energy potential, Scotland’s role as an energy exporter will boost our economy in the years and decades to come and with a Yes vote in next year’s referendum those resources can be fully put to work for people in Scotland.”