More bins and more pride could help litter problems

Litter was strewn across the park.
Litter was strewn across the park.

More bins must be provided and pride in the area shown if Brechin’s litter and dog mess problems are to be conquered, according to local people.

Dog owner Mark Arbuthnott explained that there is no excuse for not cleaning up after your dog: “As an owner of two dogs my wife and I are diligent about cleaning up after our dogs.

“It’s not difficult to carry poop bags and a lack of bins is no excuse for dog fouling or litter.

“Unfortunately I have to agree that there are a number of dog owners in the city who are not so consciencious and fouling on the streets is at an unacceptable level.

“However, it is difficult to tackle owners about this because the type of people who let their dogs foul the street do not usually respond to reasoned argument in a positive way being, as they are, lacking in the necessary community pride to see the error of their ways.

“We often take our kids to the public park and there are times when there is litter but on the whole we find it fairly clean - the park at the papery on the other hand we find always to be very clean and free from litter.”

Claiming a lack of bins doesn’t help with litter problem was Gemme Cowen, who explained: “I think half the problem is the dog owners and half is the lack of bins. “

Concurring with Mark’s view, Veronica Hutcheon said: “I agree with Mark Arbuthnott, we need to instil some community pride - anyone have any suggestions?

“This is our town. We need to be proud of where we live and rear our small people.”