MP supports WWF Earth Hour

Angus MP Mike Weir showed his support this week for energy powered by nature, as part of WWF’s Earth Hour 2013.

Members of Parliament were asked to put wind, wave, and solar power symbols on a UK weather map to symbolise the need for more renewable energy - to help protect our planet.

As the lights go out for this year’s Earth Hour, on Saturday 23 March at 8.30 p.m., people will be asked to show their support for energy that works with the power of nature, not against it.

Mike Weir said: “WWF’s Earth Hour is a simple idea that brings together millions of people across the globe who all care about one thing – our planet.

“In the UK, our energy system needs to change and I want wind, wave and solar power to be part of the future. If we are serious about shaping a better future for generations to come, then we need to act now.”

To find out more about WWF’s Earth Hour and register to take part please go to: and join millions of people who are signing up to the big switch off.