Orkney ale to help conservation of endangered bird

A TYPE of Orcadian ale is helping an endangered species of bird, thanks to partnership working between a brewery, a nature conservation charity and a national supermarket.

The Orkney Breweries were inspired to collaborate with the RSPB after hearing about the plight of the corncrake, a bird which has suffered a massive declinesin population.

This endangered farm bird migrates from Africa to Orkney every summer to breed and is one of the few remaining places in the UK where they can still be heard.

Corncrake Ale, named by Norman Sinclair, was inspired by a corncrake calling at Quoyloo in Orkney.

For every bottle of Corncrake Ale sold, 50p goes towards conservation work of this species and national supermarket Tesco are now selling the ale across their stores in the UK.

Norman Sinclair, owner of The Orkney Breweries said: “We would just like to say how delighted we are that the collaboration with the RSPB has been able to achieve some tangible assistance for the valuable corncrake preservation work RSPB has done in Orkney.

“We hope Orkney Brewery and Corncrake Ale can continue to be part of this valuable conservation work and are delighted that Tesco are selling this drink across their stores.”

A RSPB spokesperson said: “Our conservation work on Orkney and the mainland for the endangered corncrake is being helped thanks to The Orkney Breweries and now distribution through Tesco stores.

“This bird used to be widespread and has suffered from farming practices which have caused population decline.”

Angus Bell, Tesco local category buying manager Scotland, said: “This is a great initiative which Orkney Brewery has embarked on with the RSPB, to help secure the future of the corncrake.”