Park: what a disgrace!

Litter and dog fouling are once again back on the agenda, this time causing problems at Brechin Public Park where people are appalled by the mess.

The issue was highlighted on the Brechin Advertiser’s Facebook page by Lori Murray who said she was “absolutely disgusted” to have witnessed dog mess smeared at the bottom of the chute as well as rubbish surrounding the younger children’s play area.

Lori was not the only one to be shocked by the mess at the park.

Laura Craig also commented about the mess of litter, as a result of a bin being tipped, claiming it to be “absolutely awful.”

She also described how the wind had blown the rubbish all over the place.

The park is not the only place to suffer from litter problems claims Lynn Black who said: “I, too, am a dog owner and pick up after my dogs. It’s disgusting.”

She claims litter can be found “all over the place” blaming a lack of respect as a reason behind the problems.

Anyone who comes across a problem with litter can report it to Angus Council via the ACCESSLine on 08452 777 778, or by visiting the ACCESS office on Bank Street