Parks petition handed to council

THE ‘PROTECT Our Parks and Save Our Swings’ protest group has handed over a petition to Angus Council over the local authority’s plans to remove children’s play equipment in the area.

The group, which now has more than 600 supporters, held co-ordinated peaceful protests across the county and their latest bid to stop the plans has seen over 2,000 signatories to their petition asking the council to save the parks.

The local authority’s neighbourhood services committee is to discuss the results of the recently completed public consultation at their meeting in January, with a decision being made at a later date.

A spokesperson for the group said: “The current SNP council is quick to blame their predecessors for this problem and look to point blame rather than find solutions.

“The parents’ group insist they have never been political, and have received support and attendance at our protests from all parties including the SNP.

“Councillors need to remember this is about the children and their right to play. When SNP in Hollyrood is consulting on legislation to enshrine the right of the child to play in Scottish law, it is absurd that local SNP are still consulting on a policy that contradicts this.”

She added: “Protect our Parks has passed across practical ideas to the council which an SNP councillor has described as fresh and innovative in a response e-mail. Now it is their responsibility as elected members to put those into action and find solutions rather than excuses.”