Plans to scrap parks in Brechin spark Facebook criticism

Angus Council’s decision to cut the number of play parks across Angus has sparked fierce criticism on the Brechin Advertiser’s Facebook page.

Posting earlier this week, Bruce Forfar shared his views on the controversial issue. As reported last week, Brechin and the surrounding area could see their play areas cut from 11, to just four. Under the plans, parks at Edzell Muir, Tarfside, and Brechin’s Inch Park and public park would be kept.

Parks at Cookston Crescent, Drumachlie Park, Durriehill Place, Edzell Muir trim trail, Hillview, Moutskip and Wards Park would all go.

Bruce Forfar commented: “What concerns me is which [parks] they are choosing to leave.

“One beside the fast flowing river that has claimed the lives of at least two poor kids over the years and at present there are worries that afore mentioned river is about to burst its banks at any minute.

“One at the dingle dell [the public park], miles away from any shops,public toilets and right in the middle of the most popular place for folk taking there dogs to do there business.”

He called on the local councillors to do something, adding that people “voted for you to make a change for our great city. Sort it out!”

A day after the comment was posted, over 100 people had ‘liked’ it, and others had added their thoughts to the local authories’ plans, which are now set to go to a public consultation (see page four for more information).