Renewables best way forward

ANGUS MP Mike Weir, SNP spokesperson on energy, has welcomed a report from the Committee on Climate Change which shows that renewable energy is the best way to ensure that consumers get the lowest prices for energy in the future.

The report concludes that household energy bills will be about £600 higher per year by the end of the decade if the UK relies increasingly on gas, whilst they would only be around £100 higher than today’s average if the UK concentrated on renewable power generation.

Commenting on the report Mr Weir said: “Whilst any rise in prices is unwelcome this report clearly shows that the most sensible and realistic way forward is to invest in clean, green renewable energy. Not only will it reduce carbon emissions but it will ensure that hard pressed consumers get the best possible deal.”

“The Scottish Government is already committed to producing 100 per cent of our electricity needs from renewables by 2030, and this report demonstrates that this is a much more sensible approach than the UK government’s “Dash for Gas” which will end up costing the consumer six times as much.”