Scottish Water launches water efficiency videos

Scottish Water has launched three new water efficiency videos to raise awareness of water use around the home by our customers.

Water is a precious resource and a lot of energy is used by Scottish Water to treat and then pump it to homes. Although we are fortunate to have considerable stocks of water in reservoirs across Scotland it is always wise to save it where we can in the interest of the environment.

The videos are hosted on the utility firm’s website at

The videos focus on the three areas of the home where the most water use occurs – the bathroom, the kitchen and the garden. Some of the tips include:-

Taking less time in the shower, turning off the tap while brushing teeth and using the shower instead of the bath are all ways we can save water in the bathroom.

Using a bucket and sponge to wash the car, getting a water butt in the garden to catch rainwater for watering plants and avoiding the use of sprinklers are good ways to reduce water use in the garden.

Avoiding half loads in the washing machine, washing vegetables in a bowl and boiling the kettle with only the water you need help save water in the kitchen.

Scottish Water is also doing its bit to reduce water lost through leakage in its 47,500km long network of water mains. Since forming in 2002, leakage has been reduced by 44%. In the last year, leakage has been reduced by over 70million litres of water a day.

Peter Farrer, Customer Service Delivery Director, said: “By making small changes to our habits we can significantly reduce water usage without compromising our quality of life.”

To work out how much water you use a handy water usage calculator is available by visiting