EVIS appeal again for skip volunteers

Edzell Skip site
Edzell Skip site

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Holly Kidd, a member of the EVIS committee said: “We really appreciate these people offering their help however we are still looking for far more people to volunteer if the skip site is to run successfully.

“EVIS are in talks with SEPA, local council members and other affiliated parties to find an effective method of rectifying the site but there is still the main issues of funding and man power to take into consideration.”

EVIS has been quick to assure the village that they do not want to close the site, saying: “We are not here to close the site unless all avenues have been explored and all realistic options reviewed.”

The site is a community initiative run by EVIS and between land rental, the Scottish Environmental Protection Agency (SEPA) licence, disposal charges, liability and site insurance and so on, the site costs roughly £4000 per year to operate.

For the past several years, the site has been running at a loss due to cuts in funding initiatives from the council and wider grant funding.

EVIS added: “If we are unable to operate the site safely or adhere to the strict guidelines laid down by the SEPA and Angus Council then we also run the risk of being fined many thousands of pounds.

“Between recycling and various fund raising efforts in the village, many of our operating costs can be recouped but without enough voluntary help from within the community, it is just too much for the one or two current volunteers to manage and the financial loss would be unrealistic.”

If you have any comments to make, you want to offer some help in whatever capacity, suggest workable solutions, then please contact the EVIS committee at Edzell.village@hotmail.com.

Contact can also be made via the Edzell Village Improvement Society Facebook page.