Ewan ends four day walk

Pictured is Ewan Ross
Pictured is Ewan Ross

A Brechin cadet from 2365 (Brechin) Squadron Air Training Corps recently completed a four day walk in Holland.

Cadet Corporal Ewan Ross joined over 46,000 other people from across the world in Nijmegen in Holland for the International four day walk.

Corporal Ross was a member of a team of 23 which was made up of teenagers aging from 14 to 18 years old from across Scotland who took part in the event.

The cadets marched an average of 30 miles a day whilst carrying an average of ten kilograms on their backs for the whole day.

As part of his training for the event, he undertook intensive long distant walking training.He was the first cadet to be selected for the event in over 15 years.

Discussing the event, Corporal Ross said: “It was an event filled with an exiting atmosphere and how, despite the various different nationalities, we all got on well with each other.”

He added: “I hope this will not be a one off and I really wish to go again next year as it is the 100th anniversary of the event.”

Corporal Ross is getting ahead of the competition and is already planning and training to compete for a place in next year’s team.

The Squadron’s Commanding Officer, Pilot Officer Craig Stoker, commented: “The cadets and staff are extremely proud of Ewan.

“He continues to show the highest standards expected in the cadet organisation.”

He added: “We are confident that he will be selected for next year’s team and wish him continued success in his endeavours.”