Fantastic weekend of music during first ever Music Fest

Alpha Helix at City Hall
Alpha Helix at City Hall

I think many of you will join me in congratulating the organisers of the Brechin Music Fest for an amazing event.

To think that just over a year ago it was an idea being floated about on Facebook to becoming a three-day event with a host of great bands playing across the local pubs.

I was lucky enough to be at the City Hall on Friday for The Trade and The Complete Stone Roses.

I have to admit, I’d never seen The Trade before, but they are definitely an act I will be keeping an eye on from now. They were really impressive.

Of course, when The Complete Stone Roses came on, the atmosphere was electric. The crowd were chanting (the exact wording of which I will not repeat), and they were really getting in to the music, with the vast majority of attendees dancing away to the music.

I have to admit - I was one of the non-dancers at that gig. I much prefer to hang back and soak up the atmosphere.

On Saturday night, armed with my programme, I had a route planned out.

However, despite my careful planning I hadn’t taken into account the fact that some of the venues will be at full capacity.

No matter where I went, the pubs were full of music lovers enjoying the array of bands performing.

It was great to see the town so busy, and to see so many people enjoying themselves.

It was great hearing so many people praising the events as well.

I don’t think I heard a single negative thing, or indeed saw one person who didn’t seem to be enjoying themselves.

That I think, is an absolute credit to the organisers, the bands, the volunteers and of course the people running the venues.

It was an unbelievable effort by all involved in setting up the Music Fest.

It’s another cracking weekend to add to Brechin’s already impressive events calendar, and I hope that in years to come it will continue to grow.

The fact that Brechin has so many events and so many groups, like BRAVO and the Music Fest committee, wanting to put Brechin on the map is great.

And it’s always nice when the whole town gets out and supports it.

I have to add, having been to a few music festivals, the fact that I could go out to a weekend of music, sample all kinds of styles, and not have to go to sleep lying on uneven ground in a tent was a huge luxury.