Few want Gaelic signs

Gaelic language signs do not appear to be the top of anyone’s agenda according to Councillor Bob Myles who has had a huge amount of feedback following last week’s story in the Brechin Advertiser.

Readers also took to our website and Facebook page stating their agreement to councillor Myles when he voiced concern over Angus Council’s plans to promote the Gaelic language in the area.

This came as David Morrison accused councillor Myles of “wilful ignorance” over his opposition to Gaelic and English language signage in Angus.

Councillor Myles said: “The front page article in last week’s Brechiner certainly attracted attention, even featuring in Radio Tay’s Talk In.

“All cases, apart from one comment from an SNP councillor, agree that spending council money on Gaelic signs and documents in Angus would be folly especially when budgets are cut and many more worthwhile projects require funding.

“In reply to Mr Morrison, he was misinformed.

“What I said at the council meeting was: there was no ancient history of Gaelic in this area as the Picts who inhabited here did not speak Gaelic. Language was more akin to Welsh or Breton I am lead to believe.

“In addition there is only a small number, less than one per cent, of the population of Angus that speak or understand Gaelic.

“There are actually more that speak Polish or Chinese, so there is no incidence of Gaelic in this part of Scotland. Doric is far more common.

“I am well aware there are names and words in current use that have a Gaelic derivation, similarly many are derived from Latin, Greek, Hebrew and many other languages.

“It would be equally preposterous to erect double signs in any of these languages.

“I hope this is not symptomatic of SNP policy that they wish to impose their wishes on others whether they like it or not. Anyone with a different point of view is a target of verbal or other abuse.”

First to comment on our Facebook page was Iain Shand who said: “Reading the front page of the Brechiner today, I have to agree with Bob Myles.

“What on earth is the point on spending money on Gaelic signage in Angus?

“I appreciate David Morrison’s history lesson, but I fail to see the benefit of using tax payer’s money on Gaelic signage on local tourism, even ‘heritage tourism’.”

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