Filmmaker to release second Trump documentary

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A Montrose filmmaker who took on Donald Trump over his controversial golf course in Aberdeenshire is to release a new hard-hitting documentary on the tycoon just weeks before the American presidential election.

Anthony Baxter travelled to the United States to confront Trump with residents from the Menie estate who refused to move home to make way for the luxury development.

The new documentary, You’ve Been Trumped Too, charts the latest episodes in what Mr Baxter says is a prolonged campaign of “bullying and intimidation”.

Michael Forbes, a salmon fisherman who was named “Top Scot” ahead of tennis star Andy Murray in 2012 for his determination to thwart Mr Trump, is shown turning up with his wife Sheila at the Republican National Convention in a trailer for the new documentary.

It is billed as “a unique look at a globally-historic election and a timeless tale of the unlikely encounter between a salt-of-the-earth Scottish family and one of the planet’s richest and most controversial figures”.

It explores the impact of the development on Mr Forbes’ mother Molly, who was forced to fetch water from a stream in a wheelbarrow for six years after her supply was cut off during work on the resort.

The filmmaker has spent the last 12 months making the new documentary, which will be shown across the UK over the next few weeks. He has also launched a crowd-funding campaign to get the film shown across America to coincide with the race for the White House.

The new documentary will look back at the film Mr Baxter made five years ago, You’ve Been Trumped, which looked at the campaign against Mr Trump’s golf resort and how the tycoon managed to get approval for the project despite the scheme being thown out by councillors.

A sequel, A Dangerous Game, saw Mr Baxter travel to New York for a face-to-face interview with Mr Trump and looked at the environmental impact of other luxury golf courses aroud the world.

Mr Baxter told our sister title, The Scotsman, he had decided to make the new documentary, which has involved extensive filming in both the US and at the Menie estate, around a year ago.

He added: “When you start documenting something and things continue to happen you feel that you can’t just let it go. It is so important that people understand this has got gone away for the residents next to the Trump course. They still feel angry and under threat. I just feel it is such an important story that Americans should hear and consider. It’s a crucial moment to get the film out.”

In a message to potential backers, Baxter says: “You’ve Been Trumped Too is a film Donald Trump won’t want you to see, which is exactly why we need your help to make sure as many Americans can see it as possible. Before the election.

“You’ve Been Trumped Too is an explosive and revealing story that every American voter should watch. The film will be released in movie theatres in major British cities like London, Glasgow, Manchester, Edinburgh and Belfast before the American election. With your help, we’ll bring it to New York and beyond. This story needs to get out.”

A spokeswoman for the Trump International Golf Links said: “We have not seen the so-called film and have no interest in it. Anthony Baxter is not a credible journalist or filmmaker. He has no interest in the facts or the people of North-east Scotland.

“He has propagated lies and nonsense about the company for years in an attempt to make a name for himself off the back of Trump. We operate a highly-acclaimed, five-star golf resort and enjoy a great relationship with the local community and all of our neighbours, with the exception of a few who have fought the project since its inception.”