Finding ways to promote Brechin and bring tourism to the area

Ways to promote local areas in Brechin was the topic of a talk which took place on Wednesday past.

A lot of work and money has been spent on the Brechin THI but the work does not stop there.

“We have done the fabric work through the THI and we now need to get people into Brechin,” explained Council leader Bob Myles.

“There is no one else out there who is going to do this for us. It is us who have to do the work.

“The aim of this is to make Brechin somewhere nice to stay, work and to take part in recreational activities.”

Led by Lisa Watt, marketing and sales manager at Merchant City Tourism, the presentation was aimed at promoting the Brechin area and attracting tourists to Brechin and Angus in general.

Merchant City has seen a rebirth after a successful Townscape Heritage Initiative (THI)

Previously redundant historic buildings now house cutting edge theatres and galleries interspersed with shops, cafés and restaurants.

It is hoped that Brechin THI can use many of the ideas implemented at the Merchant City and transfer and adapt them for Brechin.

Some of the ideas which Merchant City found successful included monthly themed campaigns and early festivals bringing in about 90,000 people to the Merchant City.

A map was produced as well as a Merchant City Guide for tourists to help them find their way around.

Some of the budget was for advertising.

A website was created, which included a list of all the businesses in the area, as well as a list of what’s on.

The Merchant City also has its own Twitter and Facebook pages with over 5000 followers on each site.

Many of these ideas could be implemented within Brechin to help tourists gain the most from their visit to the area.

During an open discussion at the end of the presentation a number of suggestions on how to promote Brechin were discussed.

These include advertising how Brechin and Edzell are ideal for bird-watching and hillwalking.

Further promoting of Brechin’s link with radar and Watson Watt is also seen as important to the area.

Ancestral tourism could be built upon as there is a growing trend for people looking for information on their family tree.

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