First meeting of communty council

City of Brechin and District Community Council will meet for the first time on Tuesday, February 7 when the main topic of the agenda will be the community campus.

This follows a pre-engagement workshop, held on Friday past, called by the community council to listen to the views of the community before representatives attended the engagement workshop organised by Angus Council in the High School yesterday (Tuesday).

The two representatives who attended the engagement workshop will give feedback to all members before the topic is opened for wider discussion.

A number of other community concerns have been raised with members and time will dictate which can be discussed with the remainder postponed to the meeting on March 6.

Convener Grahame Lockhart commented: “The community campus is the first major issue for us to consider but I am aware that there are a number of other matters local people would like us to take account of.

“Our responsibility as a group is to represent the views of the whole community as far as we can.

“We really want to gauge the views of our community and I encourage anyone interested to attend our meetings.”

At an informal meeting of the Brechin Community Council members got together to deal with a number of administrative matters and to consider training needs.

The opportunity was taken to fill some more of the vacant positions that members wish to develop. In most cases small groups are being formed to broaden the experience of members so that they may be more able to act as a local voice for the community council area covering as wide a spectrum as they can.

David Mumford has been elected treasurer for the group. Other areas to be covered are as follows: planning matters – Grahame Lockhart and Paul Wright; youth and education – Susan Barr and Francis Keats; arts and culture – Pierangela Adam and Evelyn Clark; health – Joy Mowatt and David Mumford.

The community council will meet in the Damacre Centre at 7.30 pm on Tuesday, February 7.

The following meeting will take place at the same time and place on Tuesday, March 6.

Members agreed to publish the agenda in advance so that members of the public are kept fully informed.

Convener Grahame Lockhart commented: “Most of the members of the recently elected Brechin and District Community Council are new to it and we will need some time to get gain experience in our areas of responsibility.

“We have already been approached on a number of issues which will be included in the agenda for the next meeting and I would warmly encourage interested members of the public to attend.”