First of regular meetings to discuss slaughterhouse

Despite past-differences, two local bodies recently held what is hoped will be the first of many agreeable meetings to discuss a local slaughter house.

The Honk Action and Liaison Group, Brechin, held its meeting on Tuesday, September 25, to discuss the reopening of the local abattoir.

The meeting was well-attended by its members and Mrs Caroline Monro, chairperson, invited Mr Allan Jess, managing director of A. P. Jess.

Members were invited by Mrs Monro to ask Mr Jess any questions that concerned them, as they wanted to be reassured about issues concerning the environment, animal welfare, odours, and waste from the abattoir.

Mr Jess was very open and transparent about these matters and will be keeping in contact with the group on a regular basis.

He also told the meeting that, at present, 25 people are employed at the plant with the figure rising to 30-plus as the business escalates, which in itself is good for the local economy.

The next meeting will take place in a couple of months time to give the business time to iron out any problems that may arise, but the group will be keeping their foot on the pedal at all times.