Flood prevention funding update

Brechin’s Flood Prevention Scheme must resolve the objection to the scheme as well as apply for planning permission to ensure that the scheme qualifies for the second round of grant funding applications.

Brechin Flood Prevention Scheme missed out on the first round of funding applications after the project failed to comply with all of the criteria set by the Scottish Government.

Formal approval from the Scottish Government awaits the resolution of objection to the scheme and then confirmation by Scottish Ministers. In addition, planning permission is still to be applied for and obtained for the scheme.

To ensure that the scheme can be delivered for the third year of 2011 spending review period, being 2014/15, it is considered that efforts can be made to commence the scheme earlier in April 2014, rather than July 2014, subject to the necessary approvals, with a completion date within 12 months.

Director of infrastructure services, Eric Lowson said: “It is understood that only by having obtained approval and necessary planning permission will a Scheme be eligible for funding under the new distribution methodology.

“Accelerating the early programme would maximise the likelihood of having obtained the necessary approval and planning permission by the time the second round of grant funding applications towards the end of 2012.”

If the 2012 funding review was to be missed there would still be the opportunity to submit an application in late 2013, subject to available funding, which if successful would still allow for implementation of the Scheme in the 2014/15 financial year.

Discussions are ongoing with the aim of securing outline agreements which directly effect land owners regarding the Brechin Scheme, the proposed accommodation works and potential compensation due. Such discussions could result in land compensation/agreements with affected landowners to enable to the withdrawal of the objection to the Scheme.

If the objection cannot be resolved the Scottish government will be notified which would most likely lead to a Public local Enquiry.

The infrastructure services committee has been recommended to continue developing the the Brechin Flood Prevention Scheme and accelerated delivery and implementation of the scheme to support the proposed application of capital funding.