Flood scheme update on council’s agenda

Angus Council’s infrastructure services committee was due to discuss an update on the Brechin Flood Prevention scheme yesterday (January 29) as the Brechin Advertiser went to print.

An application for funding to the Scottish Government is due to be submitted by the council, and is anticipated that the figure would be £11.185 million, leaving £4.136 million to be funded by the council.

In his report, director of infrastructure services, Eric Lowson, said: “Despite the overall increase in the total cost to £15.321 million, the sum to be funded by the council has in fact decreased by £349,000 from £4.485 million to £4.136 million.

“This decrease essentially reflects the latest detailed estimate of construction costs for the scheme as developed.”

The report also outlined the long term financial costs of the scheme. Mr Lowson said: “In addition to the development and delivery costs of a capital nature, operation and maintenance costs of £25,000 per annum have been estimated.

“In addition, an allowance for refurbishment of the secondary drainage pumping stations every 25 years of £280,000 (current year values) should be anticipated. It is anticipated that the annual O&M costs will arise from financial year 2015/16 onwards and will require to be considered as part of the 2015/16 budget setting process.”

It was recommended that the committee notes the following:

l That a request has been sent to the Scottish Government for the Scottish Ministers to confirm the scheme under the Flood Prevention (Scotland) Act 1961;

l Records the progress being made in land agreements with affected owners and occupiers; notes the latest position on Scottish Government capital grant funding for large capital flood prevention projects and the implications for the scheme;

l Acknowledges the revised programme for the delivery of the scheme subject to securing remaining approvals required and the necessary capital funding; notes the latest position on the flood protection works, short-term measures for the River South Esk at Brechin;

l Observes the overall financial implications for the project as set out in the report.

It was recommended that the committee agrees that an application for capital grant for the scheme be prepared for submission for capital funding from the Scottish Government.

In anticipation of receipt of confirmation of the scheme by Scottish Ministers, as soon as such confirmation is received the scheme be submitted for the next round of funding applications which are not anticipated to be before March/April, 2013.

Angus Council’s funding commitment will then be confirmed as part of the 2013/14 budget setting decisions.

The committee members were informed that the total estimated cost of the scheme has been revised up by £1.010 million, from £14.311 million to £15.321 million.

Mr Lowson concluded his report by saying: “This report requests approval for the preparation of an application for grant funding from Scottish Government in advance of receipt of the decision of Scottish Ministers to confirm the scheme and subsequently duly submitted should such ministerial confirmation be received and subject to the council’s funding commitment being confirmed as part of the 2013/14 budget setting decisions.”