Floods concern community council

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THE CITY of Brechin and District Community Council has been disappointed to hear that local people affected by the river flooding are under the misapprehension that the members are not interested in the situation and the flood prevention scheme.

On the contrary, the community council has been represented at all meetings since their election last December.

Convener Grahame Lockhart commented: “The matter is of great concern to all of us and we would like to see it resolved as soon as possible.

“Following the flooding at River Street on Friday our press officer has contacted Iain Gaul, the Leader of Angus Council, to find out if any measures can be put in place that will at least temporarily help the situation.

“I am grateful for an early response from Mr Gaul that he will be contacting officers as a matter of urgency and that he has offered to meet with representatives of the community council to discuss the situation.

“Whilst the community council will do whatever it can, the responsibility lies with our elected representatives. It is their duty in consultation with the experts to make the decision.

“Meanwhile the community council will contact council officers for advice on what actions should be taken to notify the appropriate bodies when flooding looks imminent and we will make this information public.”

The situation was being monitored through Friday and photos were added to the community council website. If anyone is interested, the photos can be viewed at www.brechin communitycouncil.org.uk.