Food is Free proves a hit with town

The food was free to anyone.
The food was free to anyone.

Volunteers from Brechin Community Allotment were able to share some of the goodies grown at their plot with the local community.

Jill Scott and Mary Anderson organised the ‘Food is Free’ box, which they placed outside Jill’s house on St David Street so locals could help themselves to the fresh vegetables. Jill explained: “It contained lettuce, cabbage, new potatoes, broccoli, radish and courgettes. It was a great success with people helping themselves to fresh vegetables all grown at the 
community allotment.

“Food is Free is a community building and Gardening movement started in 2012. We got started by making contact with Arbroath food is free and went to meet the two men that grow produce to give away on their own allotments. Kev and Steve gave us lots of seeds and seedlings to get started, Carnoustie community allotment is also involved in Food Is Free.

“Mary and I would love to see vegetables or fruit grown in containers throughout the town where people could help themselves giving people access to home grown vegetables. This is something we would love to do in the future.”