Funding availability

Angus North & Mearns MSP Nigel Don has written out to several local charities alerting them to a possible source of funding.

The Bank of Scotland Foundation’s Small Grants Scheme provides up to £20,000 for projects designed to promote financial inclusion and improve local communities.

Mr Don said: “People in work are used to having bank accounts, paying bills by direct debit and getting easy access to credit. People living on very low incomes may not even be able to get a bank account. If they do borrow money, it’s often at very high rates of interest. Many parents will be paying for this Christmas for months to come.

“That’s why I’m keen to see local charities apply for funds from this Foundation.

“Their priorities include promoting financial awareness and money advice and enhancing debt counselling services within the community. They are also keen to support working with people on low incomes, at risk from poverty or with problems finding accommodation, and given the high cost of housing in much of this constituency, that would be extremely useful.”

Mr Don said charities can get more information from the Bank of Scotland Foundation website at