Future of policing

ANGUS Councillor David May has called on people in the Brechin and Edzell area to take part in the Scottish Government consultation on the future of policing and fire and rescue services.

The Lib-Dem councillor said it was very important that as many people as possible take part in this as the other political parties, SNP, as well as the Tories and Labour, want to centralise the police and fire and rescue services.

“I am directly involved in the campaign across Angus on the the Lib Dems party’s opposition to a single national police force and fire and rescue service and our desire to retain our own Tayside system though with some changes in the way it operates.

“I oppose personally the SNP policy of centralising policing, which will probably be in Edinburgh.

“It is clear to many that a single national police force could see police officers lost from our streets and there are also serious questions about the operation of the fire and rescue services.

“We need to retain these numbers and we do not need cuts.

“I am, like many others helping to distribute large numbers of leaflets across the Brechin and Edzell area to bring these issues to the notice of local residents and it is clear even so far there is considerable opposition to centralising these very important services.

“I have heard comments such as a single national police force would see police disappear from our streets as resources are sucked into Glasgow and Edinburgh.

“That is why many people I have spoken to are opposed to these plans.

“People should be just as worried as centralising policing as well as that of the fire and rescue service, will see control of these vital services away from our communities and hand it instead to civil servants and political interference in Edinburgh.

“As I said at a recent hustings meeting in Montrose, local communities know best what services they need and not politicians and civil servants in Edinburgh.”