Generous Oscar donates his locks to charity to make wigs

Oscar getting his hair cut
Oscar getting his hair cut

Six-year-old Oscar Waddell showed he had a big heart when he decided to grow his hair so he could donate it to charity.

Oscar, who attends Stracathro Primary School, grew his hair for the sole purpose of donating it to charity so it could be made into a wig for children who have lost their own hair.

His mum, Lee Ann, said: “He loves playing sports, joining in at Beavers and cycling his bike, but a year ago, when his brothers were getting their hair cut he decided not to join them. Since then he has been growing his hair for the single purpose donating it to charity.”

She added: “This meant that he had to grow it enough to have a ponytail seven inches long.”

Whilst growing his hair, Oscar was mistaken for a girl on several occasions. Lee Ann continued: “At first this upset him, but he knew what he was doing was a special thing and soon learned to hold his head up and proudly state that he was ‘just a boy with long hair’.”

Along with this touching gesture, Oscar has been actively fund-raising, and with help from friends, the clubs he participates in and complete strangers who heard his story, he has raised over £1,700 for The Little Princess Trust – his chosen charity to make the wig.

Oscar had his hair cut on January 11 at an event hosted at Brechin Rugby Club, of which he is a part. The club marked the first training session of 2015 by watching him lose his locks in the clubhouse after training, a fitting gesture since the club had donated half of the proceeds of their annual tournament fund-raiser to Oscar and his chosen charity.

He said: “It is was tough being teased about having long hair, and looking like a girl, but not as tough as it must be being sick”

When asked about getting his hair cut, he added that he was “excited”, but was going to grow it all back again so that he could keep it this time as he’s become quite attached to his unique look.

Oscar’s family have expressed their pride in him, and would like to thank everyone who encouraged him throughout the last year and donated to the cause, and especially all of those at Brechin Rugby Club who have supported him from the start.