Ghosts of House of Dun

The National Trust for Scotland’s House of Dun in Angus is a property with a long history.

And, as Hallowe’en draws near, the conservation charity has unveiled stories of its ghosts.

The stunning Georgian mansion house and its surrounding estate are said to be haunted by some spooky spectres including a ‘headless huntsman’ who roams the lanes and byways of Dun at night.

There is also ‘the harpist’ who plays his harp incessantly at the Den of Dun where he met his fate, and finally at the yew tree there is the ghost of a knight who fought in the Far East and came home to find his wife had been deceived by his friend and they were now married.

A fight ensued and the cad ended up dead, pierced by a sword to the yew tree. Staff have also reported some strange goings on.

John McKenna, property manager at the House of Dun, explains: “I’ve had a few strange experiences in the house.One winter’s day when I was alone in the office, I spotted a figure walking across the top of the stairs. Needless to say, when I went to investigate there was no-one there.”