Glowing report for Brechin care home

A Brechin care home has been awarded the second best grade possible in all aspects following a visit by inspectors from the Care Inspectorate.

The Glade were subject to an unannounced inspection on March 16 and 17, with the report on the visit published at the end of April.

The centre was checked against four keys areas - quality of care and support, quality of environment, quality of staffing and quality of management and leadership - and received a grade five, ‘very good,’ award for each area. The inspection concluded that the care home is ‘warm and inviting.’

The report also included glowing praise from the residents, stating: “We spent some time talking with people who used the service. People appeared happy and relaxed in the home and we observed positive interactions with staff .

“Those who were able, told us that they were very happy living at The Glade. One person described the home as ‘paradise.’ Other comments included ‘Everything is excellent. Best care ever’.”

Inspectors were also told that all the staff “were caring and respectful” and that resident “felt at home and importantly they felt safe.”

The report also outlined the inspectors’ views of the staff, explaining: “We were impressed with the staff we observed during this inspection.

‘‘Staff were caring and respectful and appeared to know people who lived in the home well.”

The report also highlighted a number of strengths of the service, including the way in which residents’ life histories were recorded. The report said: “This helped staff to source activities and opportunities that people would like based on their past interests and experiences.”

Inspectors also felt that residents were “supported to achieve very good outcomes in relation to their health and wellbeing.”

While there were no set recommendations or requirements for the centre, the inspectors did advise that the management team should continue to “develop and improve the information contained within care plans.”

Chris Curnin, who manages The Glade, put the performance down to his staff, saying: “The good grades are down to well trained staff who genuinely care.”