Glowing report for Maisondieu nursery

Maisondieu Primary School
Maisondieu Primary School

Maisondieu Townhead Pre-school class in Brechin has been given a glowing report from the Care Inspectorate following an inspection.

The report, which was published last week, details the findings of an unannounced inspection that took place on January 13.

The inspection looked at four areas - quality of care and support, environment, staffing and quality of management and leadership.

The pre-school was close to getting top scores (grade six, excellent), in all four areas, but had to settle for the second best mark in quality of environment, recorded a grade five (very good).

The report heralded the leadership in the nursery as “excellent” stating it “ had a positive impact on how children’s needs were met”.

The report also praised staff, saying: “The staff were attentive and enthusiastic; their knowledge of early years learning and development was evident throughout the inspection.

“All of the practitioners were able to support the children’s needs in a safe and stimulating environment.”

Under the quality of environment theme, it was noted that while staff “acted responsibly” when accidents or incidents occur, the system to record them “needed to be updated to ensure information was documented consistently.”

Under the quality of management and leadership, the report stated: “The staff demonstrated that the quality assurance processes were exceptional. They valued feedback from the families who used the service; they also addressed any identified areas for improvement timely.”

The interaction of the nursery’s staff with the children was also praised in the report, with inspectors noting that “children were treated respectfully”.

The report also said: “Staff nurtured all of the children, which helped them to settle into the nursery easily.

“Some of the children had additional support needs, the staff worked in partnership with parents, and link professional to ensure the children’s health and safety was promoted at nursery and at home.”

The report listed no recommendations or requirements for the service to meet.