Golden donation

AN Angus couple’s recent golden wedding celebrations raised £1250 for Angus Diabetes Service.

Jim and Helen Anderson, who live near Arbroath, were married in Colliston Church 50 years ago and recently celebrated their golden wedding anniversary with family and friends.

The generous couple, who are both diabetic decided to raise money for the Angus Diabetes Service by inviting their family and friends to donate rather than buy gifts at a party, held to mark their golden wedding.

The couple are presenting the cheque to consultant physician Dr Geraldine Brennan, who will accept the donation on behalf of Angus Diabetes Service.

Dr Brennan said: “I am very grateful that Mr and Mrs Anderson chose to celebrate their special anniversary with a donation to Angus Diabetes Service.

“I would like to thank them for their generosity and congratulate them on their golden wedding anniversary.”