GP’s visit to Sweden for ultrasound first

A Brechin out-of-hours doctor has recently returned from Sweden, having been involved in delivering the first Swedish GP ultrasound course.

Dr Hamish Greig, who previously worked as a GP at Brechin Health Centre before working in out-of-hours, was in Velhelmina, close to the Arctic circle, with colleagues to deliver the course.

He explained: “The course is based on the course we have run in Scotland over the past 10 years, it is a theoretical and practical introduction to Diagnostic Ultrasound and is primarily designed for general practitioners but is also suitable for other clinicians.

“The course is accredited by the University of Bournemouth and has been developed by Dr Budgie Hussain and team.

“The course is designed for clinicians and is an extension of the clinical skills that they use to diagnose patients’ problems.

“It is particularly useful or perhaps most obvious that it is of use in rural situations where investigations are difficult to access but there is a role for all clinicians.

“It is becoming a trend that students are using US to learn anatomy in early years of medical school and are familiar with the technology and how to use it.

“In the future every clinician will use Ultrasound as part of their clinical assessment and care of patients.”

The course was lead by Dr. Budgie Hussain, whose subjects covered safety/QA, general ultrasound and obstetrics/gynaecology ultrasound.

The course featured the basic physics of ultrasound, its equipment and selection, safety issues in the way is it used, applications of abdominal ultrasound and applications of obstetrics/gynaecology ultrasound amongst it’s many topics.

Dr Hussain was joined by Dr. Graham Tyrrell whose subjects covered facilitation workshops, audits and case-studies.

Also in attendance was Mr. Ramsey McIver, who covered physics and equipment and Dr. Greig, Dr. Joan, Dr Cornelia Featherstone and Dr Martin Flynn Noble who were all responsible for facilitation workshops.