Advisers appointed to help with financial challenge

Paul Gray, NHS Scotland chief executive.
Paul Gray, NHS Scotland chief executive.

A group of independent advisers has been appointed to help NHS Tayside meet its current financial challenges.

The move follows an Audit Scotland report last year which found that the health board needs to make savings of around £175 million over the next five years.

The Assurance Advisory Group will work with Tayside’s senior management team to provide additional expertise on financial planning and transformational change. Chaired by Professor Sir Lewis Ritchie, it will report back to NHS Scotland chief executive Paul Gray, within three months. The measure, known as independent assurance, is part of the Scottish Government’s approach to helping NHS boards.

Professor Ritchie will be supported by Professor Stephen Logan, NHS Grampian chairman, and Paul Hawkins, NHS Fife chief executive.

Mr Gray said: “NHS Tayside has put in place a transformation programme to deliver improved services to patients and better cost effectiveness. This plan sets out how the board will achieve financial balance. The advisory group I have appointed will work with NHS Tayside to help them deliver this programme. I have asked them to report back to me on the robustness of the plan and the progress made to date.”