Awareness raising plans

A CAMPAIGN set up by the Pregnancy Sickness Support aims to raise awareness of Hyperemesis Gravidarum (HG) amongst GPs and sufferers.

HG, an extreme form of sickness that affects women during pregnancy, can occur in one in 150 pregnant mothers. Constant vomiting and nausea can force sufferers to be admitted to hospital and can be fatal without treatment. Pregnancy Sickness Support hope to expand newly created local and national networks, offering a backbone of support and advice to those suffering from the HG, as well as a place of referral for heath professionals. Dr Catherine Sykes, a trustee of Pregnancy Sickness Support said: “Pregnancy Sickness Support offers moral support, medical advice as well as advocacy, in that our experts can talk to a GP on your behalf.”

The Pregnancy Sickness Support network is up and running but is looking for volunteers to increase its network across the UK. It is also looking for donations and any GPs who wish to register themselves as ‘hyperemesis-friendly’. Heather Miranda, a former Brechiner, is team leader for Scotland, Ireland and Northern England, has suffered from the condition herself. For more information contact