Campaign to focus on ‘legal highs’

The Corner Young People’s Health and Information Service is running a health promotion campaign over the summer to raise awareness of ‘legal highs’.

The ‘What’s Your Party Mix?’ campaign focuses on two main messages – ‘legal does not mean safe’ and ‘the unpredictable effects of mixing alcohol and legal highs’.

The campaign will highlight personal safety and promote a preventative approach to maintain young people’s positive mental and physical health.

Through working in partnership with local services, The Corner recognised that there had been a rise in the use of legal highs and that there was a lack of educational resources and information available to young people to support them in making safe decisions.

Resources including a window display are being developed to engage with young people in an interactive and informal way.

These resources will be used to provide up-to-date information about the physical and mental effects of ‘legal highs’ and their current legal status.

The Corner offers a wide range of health information and peer led services to young people in Dundee aged 11 - 25.

Working with young people in the city centre drop-in, as well as in schools and the community, The Corner recognises that risk-taking behaviour can be part of the transition from childhood to adulthood.

However, it is also recognised that the most vulnerable young people in Dundee are particularly susceptible to high risk-taking behaviours which can include alcohol and drug consumption.