Care group to utilise music

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Balhousie Care Group have teamed-up with Playlist for Life, the initiative that encourages families and other care givers of people with dementia to compile a thoughtful and personal playlist, delivered on a device such as an iPod, of music that has been meaningful to them throughout their life.

Fourteen Balhousie employees, many of whom are dementia ambassadors within their care home, took part in selected for specialist training, run by Playlist for Life. The aim is for them to introduce the initiative to residents within their home, whilst training other members of staff on the approach.

Balhousie are committed to providing each resident with dementia this individualised therapy and has already purchased a number of iPods and iTunes accounts for resident use.

The healing power of music for people dealing with dementia has long been noted.

The main reasons why the Playlist for Life initiative is such a success is because it is proven that if the playlist created is personal enough, it has an effect on autobiographical memory.

This can bring a sense of safety and familiarity to the person dealing with dementia, important in a world that can seem increasingly frightening or alien to them.

The approach also facilitates a closer relationship between care giver and the person with dementia, as you are listening to the playlist and sharing the moment together. It opens up conversation and brings people closer together, key when working on the basis of a person-centered care approach, to which Balhousie and its employees are committed.