Dalhousie Centre staff increase skills

Lorraine Mitchell, Zoe Buchanan, Trish Burke, Fiona Bruce and Acting Manager Gail Swankie.
Lorraine Mitchell, Zoe Buchanan, Trish Burke, Fiona Bruce and Acting Manager Gail Swankie.

The social care staff at the Dalhousie Centre are growing their skills and knowledge to meet the increasing needs of the people who are supported by the centre.

Acting manager Gail Swankie undertook Parkinson’s Awareness training which she delivered in-house to the staff.

Senior Social Care Officer Trish Burke and Social Care Officers Fiona Bruce, Zoe Buchanan and Lorraine Mitchell recently completed the learning programme.

It consisted of four facilitator-led learning sessions, a revision, a review session and an assessment session.

Each participant was provided with comprehensive workbooks, a resource book and an audio CD to increase and support their learning. All six sessions were completed within six months.

All four candidates were successful in completing the programme, and were awarded a certificate jointly by SCQF and Parkinson’s UK.

The award gained was 2CQF Credit Points at Level 6.

Dr Robert Martin, chairman of the Dalhousie Centre board, commented: “We are actively trying to increase the skills of our staff and raise the level of service we can offer to the people we support.

“There have been significant changes in the way care is funded with each person now being assessed under the Self Directed Support scheme.

“It means the individual, or the appropriate authorised person, can decide exactly what they want in their package of care.

“In addition to the number of places that Angus Council funds, we have places that can be purchased directly by individuals or carers for short or longer-term support that meets their needs.

“Day respite is one of the services that we believe will become valuable as time goes on.

‘‘We offer a free taster day to anyone who wishes to see whether our service would suit them.

“Further information is available from Gail Swankie on 625501 or 624398.”