Dalhousie Day Care appeals for Board Secretary and members

Most local people are very familiar with the Dalhousie Centre which provides Day Care to older and frailer residents in Brechin and the surrounding area.

Day Care helps to prevent people going into long-term care by keeping them at home as long as possible and, by providing them with enjoyable activities as well as personal care. It also provides respite for family members who look after frail older people.

With the 25th anniversary of the centre being set up fast approaching, the board would like to recruit some new members. Dr Betty Cohen has announced that she will be stepping down as secretary at the next annual general meeting and the board is seeking a replacement. There is also an opportunity for other people who would like to be involved as board members to let the board know.

Any interested persons should write to: Dr Robert Martin, Chairman, Brechin Day Care Ltd, 102 High Street, Brechin, DD9 6HE, giving name and address and an indication of interests or skills. For more information about the organisation contact the Dalhousie Centre on 01356 625501.