Day care centre holds a.g.m.

Dalhousie Centre, Brechin

Dalhousie Centre, Brechin

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Brechin Day Care Ltd board members held their annual general meeting in the Dalhousie Centre on Wednesday, August 21.

This followed on from the very successful 25th anniversary celebration of the Dalhousie Centre that was held in Brechin Golf Club.

Several board members took this opportunity to retire as directors after 25 years service each.

Mrs Pam Thomson served the board well as vice-chairman offering expert guidance particularly in employment matters.

Dr Betty Cohen served the board acting as board and company secretary as well as making many successful applications for funds for the numerous building improvements and transport for the members of the centre.

Mrs Irene Christie, who also served for 25 years, was for many of these years the treasurer.

In June Joyce Badger, another long-serving board member who acted as treasurer retired.

Dr Cyril Cohen, who also served the board for many years, had intimated his retiral prior to his recent death.

The chairman Dr Robert Martin paid a glowing tribute to all of the retirees in his chairman’s report to the board and thanked them all on behalf of the board for giving over a century of service to the Dalhousie Centre and the members of the community who have been cared for in the centre.

All agreed that the retiring members would be very much missed.

Dr Martin also thanked the staff for their continued dedication to the Dalhousie Centre and the members they care for.

Plans are underway to complete a project in the Centre which will add to the services provided and be a fitting recognition of over a century of valued and dedicated service from our retiring board members.

The appointment of directors to the board included two new members and one new advisor who have already taken on responsibilities for the coming year.

The office bearers appointed are: chairman - Dr Robert Martin, vice-chairman and minute secretary - Mrs Joy Mowatt, company and board secretary - Ms Annie Baikie, and treasurer - Mr Martin Briant-Evans.

Board members appointed are Mr Keith Bruce, Ms Doris Clark, Mrs Marchia May, Mr John McKenna and Mrs Janet Penman.

Mr Ed Bateman, Mrs Carol Kinghorn and councillor Mairi Evans were appointed as advisors to the board.

In his report to the board manager Mr Alan Barr highlighted the challenges and opportunities facing the new board with the changes in care funding next April to self directed support.

The implications of this were discussed at some length in the monthly meeting which followed.

In an effort to keep potential users of the services and their carers informed, the board will issue information updates as things become clearer.

At the monthly meeting following the AGM the new board settled down to allocate responsibilities to meet the challenges coming in the next year, while continuing the existing valuable service provided to elderly members of the community.