Edzell Health Centre looks to the future

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Edzell’s patient participation group discussed how communication between the practice and patients could be further enhance at their third meeting.

It was discussed how the current practice booklet could be revised to make it more distinctive and more attractively set out and would be available by the end of the year.

The booklet will refer to the centre’s recently launched website where details about practice staff and the scope and range of services provided can be found.

Patients can also request appointments and repeat prescriptions online.

It was stressed that the website will complement existing methods of communication with the practice, rather than be a substitute for them.

Dr Marc Jacobs, the GP principal of the Edzell Medical Practice, said: “The Patient Participation Group offers me and the staff of the health centre a sounding board for new ideas and an opportunity for two-way communication with a representative group of patients.

“As a practice, we are fortunate to have some of the best purpose-built premises in the area and a dedicated staff, but we can’t afford to be complacent.

“We need to ensure that we keep tabs on the developing needs of patients and I am sure that the Group will become an essential part of this process.”

The possibility of screens in the health centre waiting room, that could be used to publicise local health events and provide other health-related information, and a laptop which could be used by patients to access the practice website was also discussed by the group.

They also supported the research aims of the practice, including promotion of the current ‘Go-Share’ programme at Ninewells Hospital thatstores blood samples on an anonymous basis for research purposes once they have been analysed for medical purposes.

Minutes of the meetings are posted on the health centre website www.edzellhealthcentre.scot.nhs.uk and in paper format for reference in the waiting room. For more information contact Dr Marc Jacobs on 01356 648209.