Generous gift for Macmillan Day Care Centre

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Stracathro Hospital’s Macmillan Centre has received a boost to its coffers, all thanks to a fund raising 40th birthday party.

Lorraine, Eck and their children Mason and Cole Mitchell handed over a cheque for £530 to the day care centre after asking for charitable donations rather than birthday presents for Eck’s birthday party.

Lorraine said: “We asked that people didn’t give presents but gave donations instead.

“The party was fancy dress and we are very grateful for the donations and the effort people made in dressing up.”

Explaining the reason behind the fund-raising Lorraine explained: “I lost my mum 10 years ago and Eck lost his dad in October, 2011.

“It is something that is close to our hearts.

“Eck has got everything already, he doesn’t need anything else.”

Having donated the money the family had no specific request on how the money was used, simply stating that “it should be spend where the centre sees fit”.

Money will be spent wisely and will put to good use within the centre.

Lynn Reid, senior staff nurse at the centre, said: “The money will be used for the patient comforts.

“Some people like the money to go towards a piece of equipment or chairs and we will use this towards the comfort of the patients here.”

Thankful for the donation given from the family, Lynn continued:“We are an NHS centre but we do rely on donations.

“We are very lucky that we do get a lot of support.

“We move around now. We are here two days a week and people sometimes think that we are not here but we are.

“We are very grateful and thank the Mitchell family for their donation.”

The Angus Macmillan Centre is a day centre for people living with life-limiting conditions.

At the centre people get help from specialist medical and nursing staff who are able to assist with the symptoms associated with cancer or other life limiting conditions.

Where there is not a cure, palliative care can alleviate the symptoms and improve the quality of life of patients with cancer and other life-limiting illnesses, allowing the patients to pick up the thread of their lives and live with their diagnoses.