Health Secretary pays tribute to deserving NHS staff

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Health Secretary Alex Neil has paid tribute and thanked NHS staff for their hard work, commitment and devotion to patient care throughout 2013.

Reflecting on the 65th year of the NHS, he said: “Christmas is a great time to reflect on what we hold dearest as a society. I have little doubt that our NHS is at the top of that list. And the staff of Scotland’s NHS are its lifeblood.

“While we tuck into our festive fare, the doctors and cleaners in our hospitals, nurses and carers out in the community and the ambulance crews on call will continue to provide vital lifeline services to the people of Scotland.

“These staff are sacrificing time with their own family to be with those in the most need and I would like to offer them my grateful thanks.

“I would like to thank you again for the invaluable work which you do all year round and I hope that wherever you are, you receive the respect and acknowledgement you deserve.”