Huntington’s charity reaches out to families

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Families affected by the degenerative brain disorder Hunington’s Disease (HD) are being urged to get in touch with a local charity.

The Tayside branch of the Scottish Huntington’s Association are looking for families who have not have any contact with them to get in touch.

“Due to the nature of the disease there is no register of families affected by the condition, so not everyone living with HD may know about the support SHA can offer,” said SHA branch coordinator, Isobel Darroch.

“It’s important that those people affected by HD know that help is available.

“We are the only charity in the country offering support through providing specialist nurses, our youth support team and our wellbeing volunteers all helping to improve the everyday lives of people impacted by this devastating condition.”

HD is a hereditary progressive condition that causes changes to muscle control, thinking processes and can cause long-term mental health issues.

The average age of onset is between 33 and 45 and those living with the condition will require 24 hour care as it progresses into its later stages.

Each child of someone diagnosed with HD is at 50% risk of developing the condition themselves. There is no cure.

Anyone who wants to find out more about how SHA can help should call Isobel on 0141 848 0308.