IT upgrade to prevent appointment bookings

Brechin Health Centre
Brechin Health Centre

Brechin Health Centre is warning locals that there will be a three-day period where staff will be without IT access - affecting appointment bookings and medication requests.

The lack of IT access is due to an upgrade to their current computer system, which will take place with immediate effect from 8 a.m. on Monday, May 25 until Wednesday May 27.

The centre is already scheduled to be closed on May 25 due to a public holidays, but they are advising patients that no appointments can be booked on the Tuesday or Wednesday, and they will be unable to process medication requests.

For those who are due to order their prescriptions during this time, the centre has asked that requests are submitted earlier than norma and that they will ensure that all requests are processed before 5 p.m on Friday, May 22.

In an information sheet for patients, they also advised the access to any test results won’t be available until the computers are reinstalled. They added: “If there was an urgent problem with your results, the laboratory would contact us and we in turn would contact you. Please telephone outwith this period and we would be more than happy to assist.”

For those needing a house call during that spell are asked to telephone the practice.

For appointment bookings, the centre is asking that locals contact them after May 27, when they hope to have some of the systems back up and running.

For those looking to cancel future appointments, they have been asked to phone once the systems are back in place.

Prescriptions can still be sent via the dedicated prescription telephone line and website, but the centre warn that they “will not be able to access the computer system to process this request” until after May 27, adding: “We will work through the backlog of requests and process in the order they are received.

The centre also advised that patients who require to be seen anytime during this period should contact the centre by telephoning 01356 624411.